What are the health benefits of massage therapy?

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What are the health benefits of massage therapy?

A good massage therapy is relaxing and unwinding. Massage therapy is presently offered in clinics, hospital and businesses, and not necessarily is health clubs and spurs like before. Massage therapy entails rubbing, pressing and manipulation of muscles, skin and ligaments using hands and fingers or massage accessories. Regarded as part of alternative therapy, massage therapy has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits. The proven number of health benefits of massage therapy has motivated many people into attending therapy sessions on the quest for a healthy well-being.

One f the common physical health problems is back pain. A massage therapy can assist relieve back pain effectively as already scientifically proven. According to research, massage therapy is more efficient than spinal modification or acupuncture for unrelenting back pain problems, thus relatively decreasing the need for painkillers. Regular massage therapy promotes relaxation and helps the body to adopt a relaxing recovery feel that is long-lasting. This improves motion and flexibility by relaxing any aging tissues and muscles which tighten and restrict motion. The movements during massage therapy help joints to hold fluid, lowering exposure to injury and enhancing flexibility.

Headache is another common health condition that is treatable with a good Healing Clinic Glasgow therapy session. Studies show that a proper massage session can improve sleep and lessen the cases of migraines that one may experience. In addition, massage therapy assists in relieving anxiety and depression as it reduce the cortical levels in the body by half and stimulates higher levels of neurotransmitters which are key to lowering depression. For cancer, massage therapy used in combination with medicine offers relaxation and lowers the symptoms of cancer and side effects of cancer therapy. It helps to reduce pain, fatigue, swelling, depression, nausea and improve the immune system of the body.

Massage therapy facilitates recuperation after surgery by assisting the body to pump more nutrients and oxygen into vital body tissues and organs, making it an effective post-operative therapy. A regular massage therapy session can also enhance healing of injured body parts, motivating and relaxing. For stress relief and healthy lifestyle, a massage therapy is effective for regulating insulin levels and heart rates. Massage therapy assists to reinforce natural and healthy movements and enhance posture; the pressures generated during therapy pushes blood through congested parts facilitating blood circulation and leading to enhanced body function.

Moreover, knee osteoarthritis is also treatable by regular massage therapy as it improves function, pain relief and stiffness. Other common health conditions that can be managed by massage therapy include digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, sport injuries, insomnia due to stress, temporomandibular joint pain, strains and soft tissue injuries, nerve pain and paresthesias and myofascial pain syndrome.

Besides the benefits associated with particular health conditions, massage therapy is regarded as a comforting, empowering, and caring session that helps institute deep bonds with a personal massage therapist. Although medically proven, massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. Standard medical procedures and medication plans should be used combined with massage therapy.


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